SYMA Explorers 6 Axis Quadcopter Camera

SYMA Explorers 6 Axis Quadcopter Camera

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The Syma Explorers is the latest quadcopter in the aerial photography and video (APV) lines of drones. It is rated to be a prepared towards beginners since it’s easy to fly and the remote command transmitter is user-friendly. The entire package includes the aircraft, the antenna, USB cable, AC adapter, 2 GB SD Card, USB memory rule, extra set of propellers, and a user handbook. The drone comes fully assembled, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.

SYMA Explorers 6 Axis Quadcopter Camera

SYMA Explorers 6 Axis Quadcopter Camera


The Syma measures 12 inches long, 12 inches wide and three inches in height. There are four motors that each operate a single leaf propeller. These Top 5 best drones extra blades give it more mostly for flight, ability to do flips, and strength to carry the camera as well as provide additional resistance during the flight. There are ideal because you can swap out parts quickly and easily. There are propeller guards involved that will preserve the propellers in the event you crash and burn.

The two forward motor arms have orange glitter while two rear wings have green lights. This is highly desirable in a quadcopter especially if you decide to go for a night flight. The drone body and blades are white. This begins tracking it somewhat hard at a distance in the daylight since the LED lights are not very visible.

Flight and Battery:

The Syma average light time is six to ten minutes, if with it fully charged battery. When the battery needs to recharge, just plug it int the USB port of your home computer. It takes approximately 100 minutes roughly a little over an hour and a half to restore from ground zero according to the manufacturer.

The X5C Explorers use a 3.7v 500mAh lithium battery that has been determined to hold a charge well. Depending on how hard you climb, the battery life can last up to 10 minutes. The quad spread with only one battery at Drone Stores. If you are an avid flyer or quietly addicted to your drone, a spare battery can be purchased independently and is highly recommended for uninterrupted flying.


The camera is still excellent, and any company includes a 2 GB Micro SD card as well. The resolution of the picture set at 1280 * 720. Video capability is 30 frames per second, which is rather fast. The camera is in a stable position and connected to the underside of the quadcopter. It can’t move up or down, but that is normal for drones in this price range. It removed by using the screwdriver that included which makes replacing it easy. When your flight is over, you can download the contents of the SD card to your computer. This video can be frozen so you can steal a snapshot out of it.

Remote Control

The Remote noticeable technology was remote. Users can change the remote with a flip of a switch to support for left or right-hand throttle. The 2.4G remote control fits ideally in the user’s hand, but the AA battery not inserted, so make sure you have one ready before attempting flight. Syma boasted about their spectrum technology, allowing this remote to reach further than others on the market.

There are two sticks on the transmitter. All video and still frame photos taken by using the stick on the left-hand side while the sick on the right used for directing the flight. The LCD screen used to show you exactly what the drone sees when you are recording or taking skills.

Direct Check Karnataka Diploma Exam Result 2016 on

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Students are always in search for good educational institute or organization. To get a better education they need to appear for various entrance examinations. Directorate of Karnataka technical education which is known as DOTE held such entrance examination every year. Technical Students who are studying Diploma and Polytechnic courses and want to get admission into Diploma and Polytechnic courses of the different institute of Karnataka state, first they need to clear a Common Entrance Test (CET) 2016. The result of an examination taken by DOTE Karnataka Diploma for the year of May 2016 for 1st and 2nd Semester will be acknowledged in the month of July.

This web page is right for all those who are searching for exam result of Karnataka diploma / polytechnic exam results 2016. The exam result will be ready available almost immediately to check. A very large number of students appeared in this examination taken by Karnataka State. Students who appeared in this exam and who are looking for download Karnataka diploma / polytechnic exam results for the year of 2016, if you are one of those students, then you are placed at on the right webpage.

The Technical Education Department of Karnataka Government is going to declare the Diploma Results for 2016 of Nov- Dec 2013 exam in Upcoming month Feb 2016. The result of the examination taken for Karnataka Diploma in December 2013 will be displayed on its official website: Students who had appeared in Karnataka Diploma exam in the month of Nov/ December 2013 they will be able to search their results through online on its main official website by the use of admit card or hall ticket number.

Process to get downloads online Karnataka Diploma Results 2016 Nov-Dec 2013 Exam:

All the students first need to go to the official website of Karnataka Diploma courses: Once they are on the home page of this website, need to click on result link, and as they will enter their seat number or roll number and click on next button, the next page will be their result page at

Acupressure Points for Hair Growth – Latest Tips

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Acupressure Points for Hair Growth:

The hair fall is the biggest problem nowadays. Many people suffer from hair damage, dandruff and hair fall. There are many reasons for the hair fall like genes, hormones, autoimmune diseases, stress, childbirth, illness and even cosmetic methods such as perming and dying can cause severe hair loss. For preventing hair fall, there are many solutions such as healthful diet, regular detoxifying, exercise, and hair massage can help suspend hair loss and also contribute to hair regrowth. Among them, one best solution is that Acupressure points for Hair Growth. The Acupressure hair growth techniques given below.

Acupressure Points for Hair Growth

Acupressure Points for Hair Growth

Paihui point:

The paihui point situated at the top of the head. This position is responsible for the blood circulation to the head and helps in hair growth. So applying finger pressure to this point each day once a day will improve blood circulation in the head and subsequently stimulate healthy growth. Instead of figure pressure, you can also tie up ten toothpicks with a rubber band and touch pressure with it on the paihui. After utilizing pressure to paihui for 2 to 3 minutes, follow it up with gentle but firm five finger pressure in the shape of the message to the whole head.

To do the hair massage with paihui technique, you need to push the paihui with the five fingers of your hand in message way. Pressure should put in a vertical position. Press the hand uniformly and be gentle, so you don’t damage the hair as well Acupressure Points for Diabetes Curing.

Then other techniques are Reflexology massage, in this, it integrated with an acupressure massage. For this method, you need to press the hands and wrists vigorously. Running the fingernails commonly helps to stimulate hair growth. The neck, shoulders and back also have stress points that when massaged encourage hair growth. Doing the fingernail exercise for 5 minutes every day will help to grow more hair. This fingernail exercise stimulates the blood flow to the head. This blood flows when reaches the hair follicles contributes to growing new hair.

Head and Neck joint:

Head and Neck Joint is an imperative acupressure point of your body. It is also known as the hollow point; it is found just beyond the hairline near the neck. Feel your head a scarce and you will notice a small empty area. Place your finger or thumb and put a little pressure in this area. Press this area minimum 5 minutes. Then release slowly release it, you will immediately notice the change in your mind and body. It is a very useful point for growth stimulation.

Hair Line Massage:

The hairline on the aspect also has many pressure points that stimulate growth. Put your fingers on this line and gently press this space. This will relieve you from stress and in a month’s time, you will notice new hair sprouting up.

Middle of scalp:

Of the hollow point mentioned above, you need to draw an imaginary line to the center to your scalp. This line from the midst of the scalp to the end of your headline, like the paihui, is the roof for many pressure points that stimulate growth. Put your finger in this area and massage it gently as Acupressure Points to Induce Labor. Do this for 3 minutes and you will experience the change if you practice this regularly. Massaging your scalp every day is a good practice.

Benefits of Owning a Safe

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Benefits of Gun Safes

Why bother buying a security safe? This is one of the most common questions on many people’s minds. There are those that would tell you that they live in a secure place and do not need to install any type of safe. While other people feel, there is no need of keeping their valuables safe to begin with.

Think again, this is not true as theft or any calamity can strike at any time without any warning. Once you lose a precious item, it is gone forever and nothing can replace it. Furthermore, if you are a weapon owner it is even worse as you can face criminal charges.

Let us learn about the benefits of owning a safe:

  1. With a safe you prevent others from taking your valuable,
  2. Many safes are fireproof and can keep valuable documents such as your passport, banking statement and jewelry out of harm’s way in case of a fire,
  3. A safe can safeguard your guns against misuse and prevent exposure to children or burglars,
  4. There are many safes that are waterproof and great if a fire happens to break out or you have floods keeping those valuables secured,
  5. It safeguards your important items against loss as you have a proper place to keep all important documents in one place – think how many times have you misplaced your passport when you need it, and
  6. Always buy a security safe that is reliable as there are many different brands available to cater for different needs such as your weapons or keeping valuables in one place safeguarding them from prying hands.

What items should you place in a safe?

Recently, we have noticed many fires breaking out in Canada and countless people had to evacuate their homes. However, this makes you think that there are certain things we as people keep putting aside. That is taking care of your documents such as bank statements, life insurance, and mortgage information and so on in case of an emergency.

With a safe, that is both fire and water resistant it helps to keep all these documents in one place when disaster strikes. Then one starts thinking what is better keeping all your things at home in the fire safe or pay for a security box at the bank.

In general, a good fire safe is sufficient for most people in an event of a fire breaking out and all depends on the documents you have stored. While paying a small additional fee up to $150 depending on size yearly to the bank for a security box may be a better deal. Moreover, even the safe deposit box at the bank is not completely secure when it comes to natural disasters.

However, if you have bought yourself the best gun safe for the money with ample space there are certain things that you can place in it:

Remember to keep original legal documents you need in your fire safe at home, and keep copies of it at another place such as your attorney or a safe deposit box at the bank,

  • Marriage Certificates,
  • Birth Certificates,
  • Passports,
  • Social Security Card,
  • Will,
  • College degrees,
  • A copy of instructions in case of death with important information about insurance policies etc,
  • And a copy of your health information,
  • Original deed to vehicles and properties,
  • Collectibles and jewels,
  • Stock and bond certificates,
  • Receipts of furniture and fixtures,
  • Contracts,
  • And most important your weapon

These are a few things to consider keeping in your safe and will provide you with only benefits when a disaster happens to strike.